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Chapter 24. Day Trips from Bordeaux

Hello everyone!

We have only been in Andorra for a day, and already Bordeaux seems like a long time ago….I knew I had to get this blog written ASAP or I’ll have forgotten all of our adventures.

Bordeaux isn’t a huge city, so Marc and I knew we would have to venture outside of it to keep ourselves/Murphy busy (we aren’t very good at staying still). We spent our first day at the Dune de Pilat, our second in the vineyard town of St-Emilion, and then tried on our third day to return to the coast (which was an utter disaster, but more on that later!).

Dune de Pilat


The Dune de Pilat is just what it sounds like… a sand dune! It’s the biggest one in Europe, and is located near the town of Arcachon, which is about 60km from Bordeaux. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was really wonderful- the scale of the dune is insane… 110m high (a huge leg burner to climb that far in soft, sinking sand), 500m wide and 2.7km long. We dodged the crowds by staying a little lower on the dune, and let Murphy run and play- he had a blast! The sand moves in a way that’s quite similar to snow, so he was obviously loving it.

After spending an hour or so playing in the sand, we headed to the nearby town of Arcachon for lunch. It was a really stunning little beach town, and we loved wandering around after we finished our moules frites (mussels and fries) for lunch.



Naturally, we couldn’t visit Bordeaux without spending some time in wine country. We chose to go to the picturesque town of Saint-Émilion, which also happens to produce some of our favourite wines. We had a great time exploring the town, but we didn’t visit any castles for wine tastings, as it was a roasting hot day and we had Murphy with us. We’ve been to wine tours before in different places, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out on too much…and honestly, what could be better than wandering around aimlessly and having a picnic with our doggie?

Back to the Beach

We honestly had no plans for our last full day in Bordeaux…. we had originally thought to spend the day in town, but as most of our exploring was already done we weren’t sure we would have much to do. So we decided to return to our favourite place, the beach! Great idea, right? Well, an EVEN BETTER idea would have been to check the weather before we went. It was a grey morning in Bordeaux, but we headed out anyways, thinking the best….

Only to arrive on the coast to pouring rain and temperatures around 16 degrees. Not exactly the beach weather we were hoping for!! We tried walking to the beach anyways (we are very stubborn), and got absolutely DRENCHED. Naturally, we hadn’t packed any raincoats or a change of clothes…

We had a packed a picnic lunch and since it clearly wasn’t going to work to eat it outdoors, so we ended up having our food in the car… while soaking wet from the rain and covered in sand. OH, and I forgot to pack a knife so we had to tear open the baguette with our hands and spread butter on it with a spoon.

It was so damp and miserable that it honestly ended up being hilarious. We laughed so hard!

Character building, right?

After lunch, it was back to Bordeaux and dry clothes and a warm shower….ahhhhh bliss! We ended up having time to go to CrossFit in the evening which was really nice, and the weather cleared up in the evening and we were treated to some of our best views of the city.

Bordeaux was epic- we loved visiting the city and surrounding countryside so much! Yesterday we drove to Andorra, and it’s absolutely wonderful to be back in the mountains again- I can’t wait to share all our adventures here with you all.

Until then,


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