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Chapter 23: Summer Road Trip- Bordeaux

C’est les vacances!!! 

It’s holiday time!!!

Marc, Murphy and I left Paris Saturday morning in our rental car and made the eight hour trek down to Bordeaux. It should have been more like six hours, but it’s currently holiday time in France and therefore the roads were PACKED. Thankfully Murphy is a champion in the car, and I am very accustomed to long road trips after growing up in Canada with parents who were too cheap to fly (love you guys!).

The view for many hours….sighhhhh

The drive was just plain ol’ boring…. nothing but motorway with forests and a bit of farmland on the side. All the pain of the journey paid off though, because when we arrived in Bordeaux I was so blown away by how BEAUTIFUL it is here!! I didn’t really know what to expect- I didn’t have much of a mental image of the city of Bordeaux (honestly, as soon as the name is mentioned, all I see is a bottle of wine), but it is a truly wonderful place. It was actually voted as Lonely Planet’s ‘Best City in the World to Visit‘ for 2017! We were fortunate to find a stunning apartment on the edge of the old town, with a view on the river Garonne and Pont de Pierre. It’s a beautiful spot and the apartment is clean, modern, and a great size for the three of us. Happy days!!!

Oh, and did I mention there is an amazing bar and restaurant underneath?

This is everything I love about food.

The town centre is almost all a protected historical site, and it’s filled with interesting buildings, amazing restaurants, and enormous churches. It also has a great promenade along the river, which made for an amazing morning run yesterday.

We spent most of yesterday wandering around the streets with Murphy. Bordeaux isn’t a huge place, but it was so easy to kill a day wandering around aimlessly, stopping for food whenever we happened to get hungry. We saw most of the historical sights and they were all beautiful, but my favourite part was (as usual) the little streets and stumbling on happy little ‘accidents’….places to eat, street performances, nice people, etc. For example, we took Murphy out for his morning walk fairly early yesterday morning and we were desperately trying to find an open supermarket to buy some eggs to cook for breakfast. Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, we weren’t having much luck! So at one point we spotted a little cafe and decided that it was definitely time to have coffee (I was getting rather grumpy at this point!). It turned out that they had an amazing breakfast menu: scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and fresh fruit…. all for 8 Euros! So we sat on their little terrace and ate this amazing food and got to meet the couple running it, who were a French/British young couple. It was a special moment, and a perfect example as to why I love to travel so much!

Breakfast is my favourite

We haven’t been here for very long and I’m already in love with this place! Marc and Murphy are having a great time as well- Murphy has been enjoying swimming in all the fountains and splashing through the ‘water mirror’!

We will be staying in Bordeaux through Thursday, when we will head off to enjoy our FIFTH (!!) wedding anniversary in Andorra. Today we drove to the coast and saw the Dune de Pilat and spent the rest of the day exploring Arcachon- it was amazing and therefore deserves it’s own blog post- hopefully I’ll have that up for you guys soon! Also on the agenda tomorrow or Wednesday is a visit to wine country and hopefully a vineyard or two or three or four…..

Watch this space for more travel adventures!

Love you all,


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