Chapter 21. The Aussie Invasion

Hello all!

It’s been quite the week since my last post…my brother James (Jimmie) and his wife Chloe came to visit us, coming all the way from Sydney, Australia. Neither of them had ever been to Paris, so I had to dust off my tour-guide skills and show them all the amazing things this  has to offer. OK, let’s be honest here–it was more like a food tour, as most of my favourite things in this city are edible!!

A few highlights from the past few days were….

Our first meeting….for brunch at Holybelly.

Considering we live on opposite ends of the globe (seriously, it would be hard for us to have picked two places further apart), Jimmie and I actually see each other fairly often. We were together in California about a year ago, which isn’t bad at all. Still, are super close in age and were best friends growing up, so it was really and truly wonderful to be hanging out together again. I am terrible at communicating with family and friends who live far away, so there was a lot to catch up on. Brunch was phenomenal and the coffee was strong….we stayed there for ages!

Wandering and exploring the Bois de Boulonge

Jimmie and Chloe were going through a bit of dog withdrawal, as they have been away from their fur baby (Tilly) for a few weeks now, so we spent a lot of time hanging out with Murphy: walking in the Bois de Boulogne, going for picnics and buying him toys. Murphy was so incredibly happy to meet his Uncle Jimmie- they were instant best friends.

Jimmie got Murphy a new toy- a very non-seasonal stuffed Santa. Murphy was quite protective of it….

Bookending the trip with visits to Champs-Elysées in drastically different weather conditions

We visited the Champs-Elysées on Jimmie and Chloe’s first day here- it was super sunny and crazy-stupid HOT (close to 35°C, even the Aussies were hot!). A few days later, on our last evening together, we went back and it was storming with a freezing cold wind and torrential rain- we got absolutely soaked. Paris, you sure do keep us on our toes!

Exploring  new corners of the city and revisiting some favourites

The weather was amazing this week (with the exception of the one violent storm last night) and we took full advantage- walking all over the city, stopping for MANY beers and consuming all the ice cream. It was a great opportunity to visit some new places as well as to revisit some of my favourites.

Friday evening along the River Seine

We had the most amazing evening along the river on Friday- the sunset was perfection! It had been a roasting hot day, but the evening temperature was perfect, and I think Paris was the most beautiful place in the world at that moment. Seriously, it was magical…


If you’ve read this blog before, you knew this was coming….I just can’t resist! We were joking with Jimmie and Chloe that I should start a ‘Dessert Tour of Paris’– I LOVE the food here, especially the sweet food! We had a ton of gelato (it was so hot this weekend) and visited Karamel to try some new delicacies.

All in all, it was such a perfect mini-holiday. Paris is still so new to me, and I really enjoy taking people around it and discovering new things for myself. Seriously- if you are in the neighbourhood, give me a shout- I am an excellent tour guide (if I do say so myself….).

Lots of love and happy onward travels to Jimmie and Chloe- we will miss you guys! It’s been wonderful to see you again and I am so inspired by all your creativity and energy.

Until the next adventure,


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