Chapter 20. Canada Day in Paris

Happy (belated!) Canada Day to all my Canadian readers! I hope you all had a wonderful day.

I have to admit, I was pretty jealous when I saw photos and videos of all my friends and family back home going to big parties and fireworks- it’s not the same to be abroad for your national holiday. However, despite the lack of fireworks, Marc and Murphy and I still had an amazing day! We definitely tried to work in as much ‘Canadian-ism’ as possible…starting, naturally, with the most Canadian thing of all…. a pancake breakfast with loads and loads of maple syrup. YUM!!!

It’s relatively easy to find maple syrup here- most supermarkets have a section for ‘foreign goods’ and stock specialties from other countries. It’s quite funny as the USA section seems to be dominated by marshmallow fluff, marshmallows, and NERDS candies…

Question for my American friends….do you actually eat marshmallow fluff? Or is it just something the French think Americans want to eat??


After polishing off our pancakes, Marc and I took Murphy out for his morning walk. It was quite cold and VERY rainy, but we were well protected in our raincoats and ended up having a great time!

Marc and I spent the afternoon in the city- it is sale time in Paris, and we needed to check out the deals! There are definitely some amazing savings to be found, but the crowds were insane…we didn’t spend long shopping at all and we limited ourselves to things that didn’t need to be tried on. I just couldn’t bear to wait in the lines for the cabines. We went to Les Halles, the location of the old food market in the centre of the city. We love the streets around there, they are so vibrant and full of life- we were treated to an amazing street performance on our walk out. It was a group of dancers/gymnasts who had the most incredible strength and flexibility. It was crazy to watch them!

We also made time for an afternoon treat, stopping at L’Éclair de Génie for a caramel beurre salé (the BEST!) and a fraise-pistache.


We also swung by La Niche (the big pet store in Le Marais) and picked up a brand new toy for Murphy….a chicken!!! He was sooooo thrilled and immediately took it to his bed to destroy it. It’s actually holding up quite well so far- two days and counting!

We had dinner out, which ended up being Fish& Chips at an English Pub near us. It wasn’t very Canadian (a big, juicy steak would have been more appropriate), but it was nice because we could bring Murphy with us! He was a hit- people just love him so much, he’s always making everyone smile.

Ice in my cider?! I’m not Australian! 

After dinner, we dropped Murphy at home and then went to Porte Maillot to check out The Canadian Embassy, which is a Canadian pub that we’d heard about from a couple friends. We thought there might be a big Canada Day party, but we were a bit disappointed. It was really nice and the people were wonderful, but they didn’t have any Canadian beers on tap (?!?) and there wasn’t really a party. It was still fun to be out though!

Canada 🇨🇦

All in all, it was a wonderful day, but I definitely missed being in Canada to celebrate with friends and family. Plus I missed fireworks- I love fireworks….

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a very happy 150th anniversary to Canada!!


One thought on “Chapter 20. Canada Day in Paris

  1. It all looks wonderful, we were too tired to stay up for the fireworks this Canada Day, we’ll hopefully catch some next week at the Stampede!!


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