Chapter 19. Beating the Heat in the City

Well, here we are, June 21- the official start of summer, and it is ROASTING here in Paris! The weekend was plenty hot for my taste, and the mercury only climbed from there… 34 degrees Celsius on Monday,  35 degrees yesterday, 37 degrees (so far) today and it’s meant to keep rising until hitting 38 tomorrow. Thankfully it looks like we will get a bit of relief on the weekend, I hope it’s true!

Not only is it hot but it’s humid- the humidity index puts the temperature around 40 degrees. It’s far too hot for this Canadian. I feel like I’m constantly melting!!

The weather service here (Méteo France) has issued an emergency warning for the heat, and it’s easy to see why. The combination of heat and humidity means that it doesn’t cool down at night, so there is almost no relief. Also, not very many places in Paris have air conditioning. Our flat has no air conditioning or air exchange at all- we totally rely on using the windows to air it out. Even businesses and malls aren’t cooled, or at least not to the extent I’m used to in North America.  In fact- one of the only truly cool places nearby is the bottom level of our local supermarket, FranPrix. I might set up camp there!

Now, I don’t want to complain too much- I DO love the sunshine, and the mornings have been stunning and relatively fresh. I also know that a lot of other Parisians have it worse. We live so close to the Bois de Boulogne, which contains a couple lakes and streams, and lots of wonderfully shady spots. I really feel for those who live in apartments in the city centre- it must be nearly unbearable!

Shade and water- I’m so thankful for the Bois de Boulogne

So how have we been beating the heat here in Paris? We have been doing the obvious…drinking lots of water and avoiding the heat of the day as much as possible. A few other strategies that have been serving us well are:

  1. Long dog walks in the morning cool that involve a LOT of time in the water for Murphy.
  2. Lots of ice cream. Obviously.

    Strawberry and nutella gelato from the amazing Pozzetto!
  3. Shutting up the apartment all day, then opening it up late in the evening. Thank goodness for window shutters!

    Murphy LOVES to smell the fresh air when we open the windows
  4. We bought a fan. It’s meant to come tomorrow- I can’t wait!! Even if it just moves hot air around, it’s better than nothing.
  5. Praying for storms/rain/wind. Anything to cool it down a few degrees!
  6. Trying to avoid cooking or eating heavy food. I made the mistake of cooking lamb and potatoes the first really hot evening….it was delicious but definitely not the best choice for the conditions! Smoothies and salads for the win.



These strategies have been serving us pretty well, but I can’t wait until the heat breaks a little and we can get back to our normal lives. I feel so bad for Murphy- it is WAY too hot to be wearing a fur coat. Poor guy.

Tonight is Fête de la Musique- I will try and take lots of pictures and write a blog post about it. We have been to Fête de la Musique before in Lyon and it was wonderful!

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be in the basement at FranPrix….😉


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