Chapter 15. Exploring the Arrondissments- The 6ème

Paris is a big place, and even though Marc and I have been making a huge effort to explore, there are still some parts of the city that we have never been to. So as a way to ‘force’ us to venture out of our comfort zone, we are making an attempt to visit (and experience!) every arrondissment. For those of you who have never been to Paris, the city is divided into twenty sections, or arrondissments, which are arranged in a spiral with the centre being around the Louvre.


Today we decided to visit the 6th (6ème) which is also known as the Latin Quarter, due to the fact that it was historically a centre for education and the arts. It’s now VERY touristy, but also extremely charming with beautiful small streets and amazing shops and cafes.


These are some of the oldest streets in the city. The old cobblestones and restaurants of Cour de Commerce St-André des Arts were particularly wonderful.

We had a few drinks and a beautiful ardoise mixte (a plate of cold meats and cheeses) at Bar au Marche. The sun was shining and the views were amazing! The people watching was pretty spectacular as well.

I was so hungry and thirsty that I didn’t get a picture of before….only of the aftermath. Can you tell who is the messy one in our marriage? 

What would afternoon drinks be without dessert? We stopped by the remarkable GROM for gelato afterwards, and it didn’t disappoint! A couple of years ago in Rome, Marc and I did a food tour and learned what proper, traditionally made gelato looks and tastes like…. and this was definitely the real stuff! I had pistachio and coconut.

We had some walking to do to burn off that gelato, so we proceeded to wander around the 6ieme, visiting both Église St.-Germaine-des-Prés and Eglise St.-Sulpice. Directly across from St.- Germaine is the famous café Deux Magots, once a favourite of the likes of Hemingway, Sartre, and Camus. Sadly I didn’t get a picture!

Overall, Marc and I LOVED the 6ème and we will definitely be back again soon. A Sunday probably wasn’t the best time to go, as many shops were closed. Next time we will check it out on a weekday. We also would love to go back closer to a mealtime and try out some of the amazing restaurants located there- but as it was, we had to get home and feed our poor, hungry doggie.

He was very happy to see us.

Oh hi guys. Can I go back to napping now?


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


PS- On our way back to our Metro stop, we crossed Pont-Neuf and got to see the love locks! They are beautiful.

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