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Chapter 14. Murphy’s Fifth Birthday


Yes, I’m one of those people who celebrates their dog’s birthday. In fact, we have two days to celebrate with Murphy: his actual birthday (May 5, 2012) and the anniversary of the day we adopted him (October 16, 2014).

We didn’t do anything too extreme for his birthday, as my dad often says….it’s important not to do anything to a dog (for example, make them wear silly clothes) that would make the other dogs laugh at them. Keeping that in mind, I kept Murphy’s birthday simple…a new toy, some treats, and a couple big walks in the park.

It wasn’t all perfect- in fact this story really should be titled ‘Murphy and TOO MUCH birthday’, but we will get to that part later.

First things first….a new toy! Murphy loves stuffed toys, or more accurately, he loves tearing them to pieces. Sometimes I almost feel guilty choosing a new ‘victim’ in the shop.

After playtime (the lion is amazingly still intact!), we headed off to the Bois de Boulogne for a long walk. This is Murphy’s happy place.

We had the good luck to run into friends of ours- an American lady named Joan and her wonderful doberman Lupa.

Lupa and Murphy are completely ridiculous together- they chase each other around at full speed, wrestle and play…they are best friends.

The result of their playtime was a VERY muddy, but very happy dog.

All smiles!

I had a bit of running around to do in the afternoon, so I left Murphy to enjoy his third favourite activity….sleeping (eating and running come first and second!). We went back to the lake near us for an afternoon walk/play and I had a chance to try making some timelapses with my new phone. You can see one of them on my instagram.

Finally, it was ‘cake’ time. I had bought Murphy some special dog treats, and arranged them with some banana to make his birthday cake. He appreciated it very much, though he was less keen on waiting for me to take ALL the pictures before he could dig in.

Now- for the part where it all went wrong.

Marc and I spent the evening in the city watching a hockey game (IIHF, Canada vs. Czech Republic….GOOOOO CANADA!) and didn’t get home until pretty late. Murphy was sooooo excited to see us, but that is pretty normal so I didn’t think anything was wrong at first. Then, around 1am, I woke up with his hot breath on my face. He was clearly distressed, and I knew instantly what that meant. Time for a late night bathroom walk! He was really sick, diarrhea and vomiting all through the night- thankfully most of it was outside, with the exception of a few small vomits. Sigh….I guess it was just all a little too much? It is also quite possible/likely that he ate something he shouldn’t have in the woods. It’s happened before.

It wasn’t quite the ideal end to his birthday, but thankfully it all happened at the beginning of a long weekend, so we all had lots of time to recover afterwards. Murphy was completely back to normal by Sunday, thank goodness.

I can’t believe he’s five already….they grow up so fast!!!

Lots of love from all the Perrets,


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