Chapter 13. A weekend in Switzerland

Hello all! This post is a little belated, it was a short week (Monday was Fête du Travail– labour day) here in France and it just seemed to fly by! We have quite an exciting weekend coming up, so I knew I needed to get posting about our time in Switzerland or I’d fall REALLY behind. Enjoy!


Marc and I needed to go back to Switzerland to do our état des lieux for our old apartment. We wanted to go as a family (and we have yet to find somewhere to leave Murphy) so we had two options: take the train or rent a car. After crunching the numbers, we decided that the car made the most sense. We rented a Fiat 500L and set out Friday morning for Switzerland!

It was a great little car- Murphy loved the space in the trunk, we had enough room for all our luggage, and the entire roof was a sunroof. It wouldn’t be my first choice to buy, but it was brilliant for our needs this weekend.

We stopped in Epoisses, which is a little town in France famous for its cheese (to be fair, most little towns in France seem to be famous for their cheese!). We wandered around a little, let Murphy stretch his legs, then had a brilliant lunch there.

We spent the weekend staying with Marc’s older brother Sylvain and his wife Lorraine. Their three children (Kyle, Ellie, and Charlotte) were all SOOOOOO excited to see us and it was wonderful to see them all again. Though to be fair, Murphy was the real star of the show….as usual!

When we were leaving France on Friday morning, it was snowing in Switzerland. Seriously….snow. So while packing, I brought lots of warm and wintry things- and of course we ended up having stunning, warm, glorious weather over the weekend! Welcome to springtime in Europe! I’m not complaining at all- it was amazing to soak up some sun.

We had lots of great adventures over the weekend: we went to CrossFit, caught up with old friends, had some amazing meals and enjoyed lots of time by Lac Leman. Our apartment walkthrough was on Monday morning and we had decided to get the place professionally cleaned, so we really didn’t have much to do in terms of preparation. The whole weekend was slightly surreal, it felt like having a holiday at home…but I loved every minute of it.

We left Monday morning after our état de lieux (which thankfully went very well!) and a walk with Murphy’s old pack. It was pouring rain and we ended up loading a VERY wet dog into the car for the drive home.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was so kind and generous to us while we were back, we appreciate everything you did for us, and we were so happy to see you all!

Lots of love,


PS- coming up on the blog….Murphy’s birthday, hockey (IIHF– Canada vs. Czech Republic) and a visit to the Louvre. It’s going to be a great weekend! Keep posted.

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