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Chapter 6. Making Truffles at Maison Cailler


Chocolate and Switzerland. One of the most classic pairings in history. You can’t have one without the other! The Swiss consume ridiculous amounts of chocolate (around 11kg per year!) and it’s synonymous with their national identity. So what better way to spend our last weekend in Switzerland than to centre it around chocolate?

One of the oldest and most popular chocolateries in Switzerland is Cailler, which is owned by Nestle. Their headquarters and factory are located in Broc, which is only about 20 minutes north from us. It’s not quite ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ levels of fantastic, but it is pretty wonderful. As a Valentine’s Day gift to Marc (and myself), I got us a place in one of their ateliers to learn how to make…..truffles. YUM!

And yes, I know Valentine’s day was a while back– this was the first class we could get a place in.

The two of us in our amazing aprons and chefs hats!

The ateliers at the chocolate factory are amazing- you are in a class of about 10 people and are taught by a master chocolatier. You get to chose what type of chocolate (dark, milk, or white) you work with, plus what flavours/alcohols you would like to use. We then made the ganache (the creamy filling for the centre of the truffle), let it cool, piped it and rolled it, then coated it in tempered chocolate and covered the outside with toppings.

I chose to make the ganache with milk chocolate with a bit of coffee and Baileys Irish Cream. It turned out SO well, rich and creamy and decadent.

I coated them in dark chocolate because it’s my favourite. Marc did his with a dark chocolate filling and cognac with a dark chocolate coating. They turned out super boozy, but is that really such a bad thing? The quality of chocolate we were working with was absolutely superb so it was hard to go wrong.

We had a choice of four coatings for the truffles: salted caramel pieces, cocoa nibs, chocolate sprinkles, and cocoa powder. Of course, I needed to do all of them….though the salted caramel pieces were my clear favourite!


I love the courses at Maison Cailler- you learn so much, you get to eat a ton of chocolate, and you get a fancy diploma at the end. Plus you keep your apron and chefs hat–which then you can use to dress up your dog….


Mon chef de cuisine 😍


That’s all for now folks! The movers come Tuesday and I will probably be heading to Paris with Murphy on Thursday. I will definitely write about the whole experience…I can’t wait!!

Until then,

Bon weekend! 


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