Chapter 4. ‘A Day in the Life’ In Switzerland

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017


I thought it would be fun to describe a typical ‘day in the life’ of myself and Murphy (sadly Marc is already living in Paris and is having a very different day from the rest of us). I think it will change quite a bit after the move, so it’ll be an interesting to compare them down the line.

So here goes…


6:30am: The ‘Murphy Alarm’ goes off….time to get up! He likes to sing a little morning song to get me out of bed- it’s super cute and only slightly annoying on the weekends when we want to sleep in. He usually sleeps in the hallway; we are generally quite strict about not letting him into the bedroom (much less ON THE BED), but with all the craziness surrounding the move we’ve relaxed that rule a little…. here is a picture of him cuddled up in Marc’s spot last night…


Right at home…


6:30-7:30am: COFFEE (oh, so important!), internet time, breakfast time for Murphy (he loves it when we say the magic words….tu as faim?).


7:30-9am: This is one of my absolute favourite times of the day, especially on beautiful sunny days like today. It’s the time for our dog walk! We go to the fields surrounding our little village and meet up with a whole bunch of friends and their dogs. It’s wonderful in every possible way….a social time for Murphy, a chance for him to run and play, and a chance for me to enjoy time with all the wonderful friends I’ve made here. The pack was pretty big today….about 8 dogs! You can click on the photos below to zoom in.




I will miss this group of people, dogs and this view SO MUCH.




9am-11am: Coffee #2, laundry, work. Tuesday is my day to do laundry. Not out of choice, but out of necessity… our apartment building has a communal laundry and my allotted half day (yep, that’s all we get!) is Tuesday morning. I CAN’T WAIT to have my own washing machine in Paris! It will be so much easier to have it in the apartment (instead of 3 floors down) and be able to make my own schedule.


I also had to play doctor to Murphy- he has a broken claw, and after running around in the mud it needed to be cleaned, disinfected, and then wrapped up so he doesn’t lick the cream off. Poor guy…


You can see why I needed to clean it- look how muddy he is! (And the state of my poor floors 😱)


11am-12pm: Car wash! Our poor little car has suffered greatly after being used to transport a muddy dog all winter. We are trying to sell it, so I need to do my best to make it presentable…inside and out.


Much better!



12pm-1pm: CrossFit. I’ll probably post more about CrossFit later; it’s been a huge part of our life for the past 5 years, and I’ve made so many friends through our box. A huge shout-out to CrossFit Riviera and its head coach Mareck Bigler for making me feel so welcome in this country and putting up with my terrible French! Today we had deadlifts. I love deadlifts. We also had bench press and toes to bar- it was a good day.


Alllllll the weight…(10min EMOM, 1 deadlift at 85% of your max. I did my reps at 107.5kg)


2pm-5pm: Lunchtime! I was starving after CrossFit, thank goodness for eggs! I made some scrambled eggs and ate them with avocado and tomatoes. I also took Murphy for a quick walk and then sat down to work on this blog, as well as write/post the advertisement for our car. Not very fun or interesting, but it all needed to get done! I also finished the last of the laundry… done for the week, HURRAY!


5:30pm-6:30pm: Work. I work part-time as an English teacher. It’s not at all what I had imagined for myself (I have a BSc. and a Master’s in Geology), but I LOVE it. My students are wonderful, the schedule is great, and it has been so rewarding to help people learn a new language. I have really struggled to learn French, so I am quite sympathetic to the challenges in learning a new language and I am constantly amazed by how hard my students work. It’s truly inspiring.


7pm-8pm: Dinner time!! First for Murphy, then for me! I was organized yesterday and did some meal-prep…I made a ton of Asian meatballs, and cooked up a bunch of veg. So it only took me a few minutes to heat it all up and add some herbs & hummus….thankfully, as I was starving! And of course, it’s the 14th of March….Pi day- so I had my favourite Swiss ‘pie’.


Swiss ‘pie’ for Pi day, this is gȃteau salé de la crȇme…


8pm-9pm: FaceTime chats with Marc. It sucks living apart, I can’t wait until I move and we can be a family again.

9pm-10pm: Chill time, finished this blog, etc.

10pm: It’s Murphy’s bedtime. He’s very sleepy in the evenings, and will march himself off to bed if I take too long. So I usually take him out to pee and then let him go to bed relatively early. He’s such an old man.

All tucked into his own bed….for now!



10-10:30pm: The computer goes away and the books come out. I’ve resolved to read my bible more often, so now is as good a time as any.


10:30pm: BEDTIME!! Have a great evening everyone, I know this was a long post, but I hope you enjoyed it.


Bonne nuit,





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