Chapter 3. PARIS


I love Paris. It’s huge and beautiful and insane. I can’t wait to live here! We’ve mostly been busy rushing around looking at apartments, but I found time to take a few quick pictures as we sprint by various locations (seriously, the Parisians walk SO FAST!).

Here are some of the sights….

Paris is beautiful to look at, but we can’t neglect the other senses….namely- smell and taste! There are no words to explain how wonderful the food is here. I can’t possibly describe how amazing a fresh (1 Euro) baguette tastes from the local boulangerie because I never understood it until I experienced it myself. So come and visit, and we’ll go get baguettes…

fullsizeoutput_90dParisian dinner….seriously! They tend to eat their big meal at lunch, and then have a light, snacking-style dinner. I think this is something I’ll be able to get behind….

A few other culinary wonders:

And last but not least… even though he’s not with us at the moment in Paris, Murphy is always on our minds. He seems to be quite comfortable at the dog-sitters’ (or, as we like to call it, the Baker Dog Spa and Resort).


The picture of happiness. He’s probably dreaming of bacon sandwiches. 

Bonne nuit Paris, I’m heading back to Switzerland tomorrow, but I’ll be back to see you soon!


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