Chapter 2. Let’s Go To Paris!

Thursday, March 9

Ok, it’s finally time for me to hit the road (tracks?), and head to Paris to meet Marc and choose an apartment!! It was roughly the same price to fly or take the TGV, which is the high speed train that services between Geneva and Paris. The train is more comfortable and relaxing than flying, and has the additional benefit of no luggage limit…

The journey from our doorstep to Paris Gare de Lyon is 4h 40min, and I need to arrive before 1pm….so that’s how I found myself setting an alarm for 4:45am (and then again at 5am, and at 5:15am– I’m soooo paranoid about missing trains/flights when I travel alone), dragging myself out of bed, showering, chugging coffee and heading to our little train stop for the 6:07am train. Thank goodness it’s only 100m down the street.

IMG_9077Wayyyyyy too early, mom. 

Tragically, this is one adventure that Murphy can’t join me on. The temporary housing Marc is living in at the moment is extremely small, and we have busy days of apartment hunting ahead of ourselves. It just didn’t make sense to stress him out and bring him. We have the most wonderful neighbours in the world (Bakers, you know who you are!) and they will take him for the weekend. He loves it there- they have a black lab cross called Jazz; her and Murphy are deeply in love.

The problem with this all is that I had to leave Murphy alone in the flat until my neighbour could pick him up. Which meant this little face was watching me leave…

IMG_9080It breaks my heart every time. Seriously, I can’t even look at the picture without feeling guilty…

The journey started smoothly- I love traveling by train in Europe. It’s clean, comfortable, and oh so easy. Plus you get excellent freebies in the stations.

IMG_9085I will be appropriately caffeinated for this journey- the equivalent of three espressos? Perfect!

IMG_9084Travel face, travel hair.

Unfortunately I started the praises of the TGV a little prematurely, as the train ended up needing to slow down for a while due to problems with the signals. We ended up being half an hour late, which wasn’t the end of the world- except for the fact that the girl sitting next to me had incredibly bad B.O. and I was getting increasingly desperate to escape!

Also, fun fact….do you know those trains go over 300km/h? It’s amazing to watch the countryside go flying by at that speed, I love it!

Arrived in Paris safe and sound, ready for the next adventure– apartment hunting!! More on that later….



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