Chapter 1: Switzerland. Snow days and saying ‘yes’ more often….

Tuesday, March 6th

So, the fact is….I’m lazy and sometimes really find it difficult to make an effort to go out. I love adventures (it’s even in the title of this blog!), but sometimes I really need a push to get them going. Fortunately, Murphy is always up for a good adventure….


Adventure is out there! 

This morning, we woke up to snow in St-Legier…. in fact it was absolutely dumping down! I love the snow, and I spent the whole morning looking up at the mountains thinking….wouldn’t it be fun to go play? Marc moved to Paris a couple days ago, and my schedule has been crazy since then (there is still SO much to do). Honestly, if we weren’t about to move, I probably would have stayed in town today and stuck to working and running errands. The fact that every snow day in the mountains could very well  be my last (only 3 weeks left in Switzerland!) makes me so much more likely to rearrange my day and make adventure time work.

And boy, was it ever worth it….

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_183cThis way to the sun….

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1813Tons of wet, sticky snow! It was spring snow at it’s best….

fullsizeoutput_8f6.jpegOh, hello there handsome….

This was a great reminder that it’s good to say ‘yes’ to adventures whenever possible, and to make the most of our time. I still squeezed everything essential into my day, and it was made infinitely better by the fact I chose to head to the mountains with my buddy instead of cleaning the floors. It sounds so obvious now, but it was really quite a revelation at the time!!!

A ‘sun-breaking-through-the-clouds’ type revelation?!?

Well, yes in fact….it was!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1835(Cue choirs singing….)

Lesson learned, say yes more often. It makes Murphy happy…


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